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Tor2web Project Goal is to allow transparent internet exposure of websites running on Tor Hidden Services .

Tor2web enables anonymous exposure of a Tor HS website, making it reachable from the internet, behind the anonymity protection of the publisher provided by Tor.

The website owner has also the big advantage of not being required to buy a server, register an ip address or a domain name.

Tor2web network is run with the Tor2web 3.0 software by independent individuals.

Tor2web started as a concept by Aaron Swartz that has been initially implemented as a stateless apache reverse proxy module available on github.

Tor2web 3.0 software

Tor2web 3.0 alpha is the current release with installation instructions available at Tor2web 3.0 .

It was re-designed from previous Tor2web 1.0/2.0 with the following main goals:

  • Python/Twisted based rewrite
  • Built-in SSL support
  • Simplified design
  • Better security
  • Better Performance

The following are current main features

  • Transparent proxying of requests from Internet to Tor hidden services
  • SSL Encryption with hardened ciphers
  • URL rewriting (All static and dynamic ONION related URLs should be rewritten. Non ONION url must not be proxed)
  • Blocklist management (certain illegal content URL must be blocked)
  • Blocklist kept by hash, not in clear text
  • Standard template for Errors
  • Disclaimer Header in all proxed web pages see the text
  • Abuse reporting
  • Problem reporting
  • Warning while leaving tor2web following other links
  • Prevent fetching directly files from a tor2web website (referral check)
  • Search Engine blocks
  • Check for users coming directly to Tor and redirect them to .onion
  • Drop uid/gid for security

Tor2web 3.0 Code is available on Github

Tor2web 3.0 Roadmap is available on Github

If you are a python hacker and would like to contribute to project support, documentation or testing, get involved in tor2web 3.0.

Tor2web Servers

Tor2web is now running on six different known domains:

  • * (3 servers)
  • * (1 server)
  • * (1 server)
  • * (1 server)
  • * (1 server)
  • * (1 server)
  • * (1 server)

Here you can find a list of all Tor2web servers and basic:

  • Tor2web Server from - IP: (Germany)
  • Tor2web Server from anonymous grantor on OC3 - IP: (USA)
  • Tor2web Server from Team Cymru - IP: (USA)
  • Tor2web Server from BlutMagie - IP: (Germany)
  • Tor2web Server from Ahmia - IP: (Finland)
  • Tor2web Server from anonymous grantor on - IP: (Italy)
  • Tor2web Server from anonymous grantor on - IP: (Switzerland)
  • Tor2web Server from anonymous grantor on - IP: (Netherlands)

Also thanks to:

We have currently have an automatic way to manage the network (join/leave operations), currently one of the main limitations.

Tor Hidden Service Improvements

An overview of latest Tor2web Research update is available from slides of Tor2web workshop at 28C3 CCC Congress in Berlin.

Several ongoing Tor Improvements for better Tor2web use are available on Tor Project Trac:

Contribute to Tor2web

You can contribute in different way:

Donate a Server

You can donate a server to the tor2web network, it would be preferred to have dedicated servers running:

  • Preferred OS: Ubuntu Server
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB preferred)
  • Disk: 40G
  • Bandwidth: 10Mbit (or better 100Mbit, even if with 1-5TB bandwidth quota)

A yearly contract for a rented server is welcome.

If some of the community can help in running servers you donate, please advise on the mailing list or on Twitter.

Run a Server

You can also directly run a server.

We advise that you should introduce yourself to the tor2web-talk mailing list before proposing to run a server, as currently the tor2web network is still based on a volunteer community where the trust issue is a must.

Hack Code

You can help hack-up the Tor2web 3.0 code by joining a mailing list and introducing yourself. Let's chat on irc to work together!

If you are a Python hacker, we need coding support. We need your help!

Tor2web 3.0 Code is at Github


Tor2web wiki:


Tor2web original website:

Mailing List: on .

IRC: #tor2web - WEBCHAT:

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